Employment Torment of the 21st Century

By torment, I do not mean denial, but the irritation persons seeking jobs have to pass through especially since the inception of the Internet (21st century) to be more specific.

When we take time to explore job sites like roberthalf, job.com and theladders, we discover that the jobs are actually available.

But even as an applicant, you actually need to make yourself available – possessing the “needed skills” to make you really lucky and available for those jobs.

Gone are the days when studying medicine is the most expensive course. Times have changed and guess what; technology is responsible for this unending shift.

If you have the opportunity of coming across this article, permit me to say that it has just started. You cannot be blamed for this shift, but you could be blamed if after reading this article you do not have a change of perception of what it takes to remain relevant in an era tagged “the 21st century”.

Countries, employers and firms have seen how technology could save them in terms of running their businesses, factories has tasted the productivity and power of machine. So, what else do you expect?

Technology has come, and it has come to change the course of action, processes, expectation, outcomes and goals.

You cannot afford to fold your arms and watch yourself go extinct. If that happens, you get all the blame.

Core skills sell now. You need to constantly learn, unlearn and re-learn in your field of endeavor.

Below are some very nice tips to make sure you don’t go extinct in relevance to our contemporary world:

* Keep learning.
* Tap and harness your soul into technology.
* See how you can incorporate technology to help you become efficient.
* Pretend you never went to college or possess those costly masters and PhD degrees.
* Humble yourself
* Be ready to learn and learn what is relevant. It is not going to stop anytime soon.

The availability of the internet is capable of bringing those skills right to your doorstep in the comfort of your room. Just be ready, make up your mind to spend precious time learning what you do not know that is relevant for you to survive in the 21st century.

Even as a technology geek, when I see the level of skills needed to remain relevant in my field, its daunting, intimidating but I like to encourage you with deep confidence that I am making progress.

Start yours now and if you think you don’t know how to start, feel free to get in touch with me, and I will be glad to help. It is not too late for you.

A major challenge people will face in the 21st century is not finding where those jobs are, but having the required skill(s) to take up those jobs.

The intervention of machine in man’s day to day activities is putting so much pressure on skill demand far beyond human imagination.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has come into our world and they are not going away any soon.

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